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Renewable Industry

HUANENG (China) Group aims to achieve the long-term operation of wind turbines while effectively reducing the risks and economic losses caused by equipment failures. Recognizing the need for a solution, HUANENG consulted ProAIM, who provided a comprehensive solution to eliminate common failure modes in wind turbine equipment management and facilitate intelligent equipment maintenance.


ProAIM’s solution leverages data from the daily equipment management system and captures key personnel insights to create a knowledge base of enterprise assets, reducing the risk of equipment management failures due to staff absence and turnover. Moreover, it enhances the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle of data-driven overhaul operation and maintenance management, supporting efficient overhaul planning and decision-making. By implementing this solution, HUANENG (China) Group can unlock a range of benefits, including:


– A 25% increase in planned work, optimizing maintenance schedules and operations.

– A 30% reduction in maintenance costs, improving cost-efficiency.

– A 25% reduction in unplanned downtime, enhancing operational reliability


ProAIM’s solution focuses on the data analysis and application in the intelligent operation and maintenance of equipment. It enables the digitization and intelligent enhancement of inspection and maintenance of power generation equipment, with specific emphasis on offshore wind turbine units. By harnessing ProAIM’s “RCM+RAM” technology, HUANENG (China) Group can establish a tailored intelligent maintenance system that addresses the unique challenges and requirements of wind turbine operations.


The implementation of ProAIM’s solution involves the following key steps:

  1. Construction of a standard asset knowledge base for wind power equipment:By combining the expertise and knowledge of industrial equipment management experts with relevant international standards, a comprehensive knowledge base is established. This empowers HUANENG (China) Group to develop its own asset knowledge repository, emphasizing the importance of information, digitization, and intelligence.

  2. Establishment of a dynamic risk assessment based on standardized maintenance records:Through decomposing wind turbines, analyzing failure consequences, and employing data-driven approaches like regression analysis and Monte Carlo simulation, a dynamic equipment risk assessment is conducted. The insights gained from this assessment serve as a foundation for effective decision-making in equipment maintenance management.
  3. Building a reliability-centered intelligent maintenance (RCM) management system:By integrating Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) with RAM technology, a robust system is created to manage failure modes, consequences, and risks comprehensively. RAM technology analyzes historical fault data, quantifying the probability and consequences of failures, enabling economic risk assessment and optimization of maintenance strategies. This integrated approach optimizes asset performance and facilitates centralized management and monitoring of maintenance activities.
  4. Setting up relevant interfaces and associations with existing systems:Seamless integration between ProAIM’s solution and HUANENG (China) Group’s current infrastructure and processes is established, ensuring smooth data flow and compatibility.

By following this comprehensive process, HUANENG (China) Group can significantly enhance the long-term operation of wind turbines, mitigate risks, and minimize economic losses caused by equipment failures. ProAIM’s solution empowers HUANENG (China) Group to achieve intelligent equipment maintenance and position itself as a frontrunner in the field.

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