Downstream Oil & Gas

“ProAIM enabled us to extend the turnaround on the FCC from every 3 years to every 4 years, increasing our annualized operational profitability by 2.4 MUSD.”

Refinery, Taiwan

It is often said that the refinery business is all about making “hay while the sun shines”, being able to maximize production of key products when the market demands are high is what makes a refinery profitable. Plant availability and reliability are key to achieving:

  • Assets compliance targets – safety
  • Operational profitability
  • Optimizing the life-cycle of new and existing assets

New Investments / Expansions / Retrofits

ProAIM can evaluate the conceptual design in terms of reliability and availability to eliminate over spending on capital, whilst still maintaining safety, availability and financial targets?

“Following the process integrated RAM analysis, our revised design saved $17 Million USD in capex and only compromised 0.8 days in availability”

Chemical Company, U.K.

Maintenance Budgets

ProAIM can quantify the actual effectiveness of an existing maintenance program and optimize the maintenance strategy to minimize cost and improve availability.

Production Downtime

ProAIM has solved some of the most serious problems with plant downtime and, in one case, enabled a refinery to maintain its license to operate.

“with unplanned downtime decreased by 40% and maintenance costs reduced by 18% the investment in this project has paid for itself in a matter of days”

Safety Critical Equipment

Safety Critical equipment (SCE), Source HSE UK, approximately 60% of incidents are related to technical integrity, and 50% have ageing as a contributory factor.

“Ageing is not about how old your equipment is it’s about the condition of the equipment to operate within compliance.”

ProAIM has conducted independent detailed audits on the availability of safety equipment to deliver solutions to maintain compliance.

Turnarounds & Planned Shutdowns

ProAIM has reduced turnarounds by days and extended the period between turnarounds from 3 to 4 years. In addition to this, advanced RAM analysis has been used to quantify the life cycle of planned investments and evaluate proposed maintenance refits.

Asset Performance Management

The foundation of any good APM system is about having a system that generates meaningful work orders that the operations and maintenance agree on to maximize the availability of the asset. ProAIM has configured APM solutions to deliver meaningful, practical and realistic maintenance strategies, combining the best in CBM, RBI and predictive analytics. Our consulting expertise is independent and focuses only on achieving the operational and maintenance goals of your business.


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