Welcome to ProAIM’s Reliability Centered Maintenance System (Pro-RCM) platform, where optimization meets efficiency. Compliant with ISO14224 and ISO55000, our system empowers businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance asset management and achieve peak performance.

Asset Data Management:

Master your data effortlessly. This module handles functional location master data, equipment master data, and asset hierarchy. Easily query, create, edit, delete, and import/export functional location master data. With a solid data foundation, you’ll unlock the power of asset unique ID, RCM analysis, BAP analysis, and seamless third-party system integration.

Asset Risk Management:

Empower risk assessment with precision. Establish standard risk assessment based on your operational and asset management goals. Identify, analyze, and display asset risks effortlessly. Develop a risk matrix, allowing you to define multiple dimensions for risk consideration and ranking. Dynamic failure probability and consequences are factored in, providing a comprehensive view of total risk.

Asset Reliability Management:

Ensure reliability is at the heart of your operations. Pro-RCM builds a digital twin model that captures equipment failure causes, failure modes, risks, and impacts. With each update of maintenance records, the system automatically updates the failure parameters, ensuring up-to-date equipment reliability information.

Asset Strategy Management and Optimization:

Centralize and monitor maintenance strategies effortlessly. Based on risk ranking, this module ensures maintenance schedules, content, and spare parts requisitions are seamlessly integrated with your maintenance system via interface.

Asset Health Management:

Keep your assets in optimal health. Establish the relationship between failure modes and process parameters, including threshold values. Record parameter values and alarms as asset health indicators. Combine reliability KPIs, parameter values, alarms, and maintenance task status to create a role-based intensive asset list for enhanced monitoring and assessment. Access all asset health information through customizable dashboards.

Asset Performance Management:

Evaluate economic risks, failure losses, and maintenance costs through qualitative and quantitative analysis. Drive KPI improvement through comprehensive evaluations based on historical failure records and cost data. Pro-RCM predicts future production capacity and KPIs, allowing for better asset management strategies considering maintenance, technical transformations, and spare parts.

Spare Parts Strategy Management:

Optimize spare parts utilization without compromising equipment availability. Our module considers criticality, demand characteristics, logistics, and maintenance types to calculate criticality rankings and determine inventory strategies. ProAIM’s unique algorithm ensures efficient spare parts procurement based on equipment failure characteristics and maintenance strategies.

Pro-RCM Dashboard:

Customize your performance view. Choose from various role-based dashboard styles to display KPIs. Create personalized indicators and access detailed information with drill-down capabilities. Group multiple performance indicators in a single display. Tailor dashboards to individual roles and information needs, ensuring seamless organization-wide access.


Effortlessly identify and eliminate bad actors. Pro-RCM offers a questionnaire module for plant condition assessment and pain point identification. Equipment status analysis provides a comprehensive overview of analyzed equipment, allowing for evaluation of maintenance cost, failure frequency, and production losses. Execute Root Cause Analysis (RCA) tasks seamlessly, utilizing various analysis methods including 5-Why, fault tree, and fishbone diagrams. Approved RCA reports are centrally managed, with templates available for reduced analysis workload.

Welcome to the world of Pro-RCM. Revolutionize your asset performance with our comprehensive suite of tools. Drive efficiency, minimize risks, and optimize your operations.

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