Case Study

Asset Terminal Optimization

How can I evaluate Terminal Assets & Resources to adapt to changes in my business?

PROAIM developed a very detailed discrete event simulation model of an oil & gas terminal and its shipping operations, which was successfully benchmarked against previous years operations and experience, and then used to validate the impact of proposed changes with the management to saving  $36 million USD in capex and opex.


The results from the simulation model suggested that up to four tanks in winter and five in summer could be soft retired, without impacting throughput, thus saving $multi-millions in operating costs and incurring no deferred production penalty costs. The owners of the terminal used this information to support a decision to retire the requisite number of tanks and jetties.


Model Detail

The model over the last years has undergone numerous enhancements of incorporating flexibility to permit the terminal employees to evaluate any new business opportunity with minimal support from simulation model developers.

Since then, the model has had various enhancements, which have been incorporated in a way that allows the terminal staff to self-configure the model to appraise new business opportunities.

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