Data-Driven RCM

ProAIM specialises in using your plants process and asset data to drive the maintenance strategy to achieve high levels of reliability. Aligning the maintenance in this way ensures your plants required production uptime is achieved. Our patented integrated RAM (Reliability, Availability & Maintainability) technology enables us to model the exact historical reliability behaviour of the plant under different operating conditions. This identifies the real failure patterns of your equipment over time and at different operating conditions. Once these simulations are validated we can then conduct a series of sensitivity analysis of different maintenance strategies to predict the effect it will have on the reliability of the plant to maximise uptime. Combined with our expertise in evaluating work practices, procedures and poor data quality, we can deliver quantifiable results that will improve the operational profitability of your plant.


“ProAIM were able to clearly identify and prove a maintenance strategy that enabled us to extend the planned shutdown period from every 3 years to every 4 years. Generating an addition annualised average profit of $1.6 MUSD per annum”



ProAIM has delivered practical realistic maintenance strategies that have delivered significant benefits for our clients in the areas listed below:

  • Maintenance strategies that enabled Safety Critical Equipment to meet performance standards
  • Maintained an operator to keep their “license to operate” by eliminating spurious plant trips
  • Significantly reduced capital costs of plant, process and asset expansions including retrofits
  • Major reductions in maintenance costs without any additional risks to safety and the environment
  • Minimized production losses from unplanned shutdowns
  • Extended turnaround periods
  • Improve the value of EAM, CMMS and APM investments

To achieve these benefits, it is not just about the data or technology. It’s very often about aligning operations and maintenance (people) with the correct policies and procedures.  ProAIM has consultants that specialize in dealing with the practical reality of maintenance and has enabled clients to make step changes in performance, culture and management systems to enable continuous improvements in asset reliability.

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