Project Methodology

Critical to the success of any study or project is understanding the business drivers, people and processes. ProAIM prides itself on delivering real quantified value to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our study methodology uses a data-driven approach to remove as much subjectivity as possible.

ProAIM’s data driven methodology enables us to identify critical equipment in terms of reliability and process dynamics.

ProAIM has considerable experience in being able to collect, screen, regress and analyze historical maintenance records, with the CMMS to quantify failure modes, predict future performance and assess the effectiveness of the current maintenance strategy against the operational requirements of the asset.

ProAIM has conducted extensive audits on existing assets over decades of operation quickly and accurately, enabling (for example) clients to extend the turnaround period for an asset from 3 to 4 years.

Many assets lacks quality historical data. Our consultants can draw on their years of experience and our own reliability databases to fill in the gaps, enabling the RAM analysis to be effective.


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