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Is your maintenance strategy aligned with your current operating profile?

In today’s world of drilling and oil and gas production, more than ever, companies are working with tightening margins, price uncertainty and ageing assets. Operators and owners are continuingly seeking ways of “squeezing the asset” driving out waste, increasing safety and efficiency whilst maintaining compliance.

On drilling rigs, time is money – non-productive time has to be minimized which can be caused by a host of reasons. In oil and gas production, HSE compliance and maintaining high levels of plant availability are critical business drivers.

Over time, operating philosophies and functional requirements of assets will change. As a consequence, the maintenance strategy needs to change in line with the life cycle of the asset. An RCM implemented when the asset was commissioned may not be “fit for purpose” or appropriate after 25 years. With field changes developing over time, the operating philosophy of an asset will change and can affect the way equipment fails. For an offshore unmanned platform, flying a maintenance crew out can cost on average $30,000 per trip. Ensuring their maintenance work is cost effective is critical to operational profitability and compliance.

ProAIM specializes in optimizing maintenance strategies over the life cycle of an asset, to ensure that the maintenance is “fit for purpose”. To do this, ProAIM considers many factors and has a proven methodology to help companies align maintenance strategies with their current operating philosophies.

At ProAIM, we take a very practical, realistic, and lean approach by quantifying and qualitatively assessing:

  • Functionally critical equipment
  • Condition of the equipment
  • Current maintenance strategy
  • Spare parts policies and inventories
  • CMMS configuration and reporting requirements
  • Competence & skill levels required
  • Functional performance of equipment versus the current operating philosophy of the asset
  • Quality of equipment & components versus performance requirements
  • Environmental factors
  • Logistics of maintenance crews and planning


Capabilities & Resources

ProAIM have over 140 combined years of expertise in the upstream oil and gas industry.  Its specialism is in identifying, analyzing and quantifying the historical performance of an assets to devise a bespoke optimized maintenance strategy. With the experience of it’s qualified consultants, ProAIM can deliver solutions to meet your requirements for compliance, availability and maintenance.

The services  for ageing assets are:

  • RAM studies on safety critical equipment & process equipment
  • Lean-RCM that only focuses on the bad actors
  • Verification audits for compliance
  • Maintenance audits
  • Optimization of maintenance strategies & spare parts


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